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Rhode Island Goat's Milk and Artisan Soaps
with local Apiary Honey, Essential Oils, and Natural Colorants


Our Classic Goat's Milk and Artisan Soaps are made from scratch with fresh base oils of olive and coconut.  Different bars include special luxury addtions include shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, jojoba, and sunflower.  We are committed to sourcing locally grown herbs, flowers, grains, vegetables, yogurts, fresh dairy goat milk, apiary honey,  and more.  We also use beautiful,  natural earth clays and essential oils--no artificial colors or fragrances.  See details on each bar for specific ingredient listings.

Hand-poured, hand -cut, and cured for several weeks.  Individual bars may vary.  Bar weights may vary 3.5-4 oz

Product   Price
Lavender-Shea Butter   $8.50
Oatmeal and Honey   $8.50
The Dirty Hippy   $8.50
Cocoa for Peppermint   $8.50


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